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Moore For My Mother

My mother, Barbara, loved to go to Las Vegas. She was an American Contract Bridge League Life Master, which means : a member who has 300 or more masterpoints recorded by the ACBL, of which 150 must be pigmented, with 25 gold or platinum, 25 red, gold or platinum, 50 silver and 50 black.

This was a significant achievement, and she had a rare skill at all card games she played, which made Blackjack especially entertaining and lucrative for her.

My mom regularly invited me to meet her in Las Vegas, and on one unforgettable occasion we saw Michael Flatley's, "Lord Of The Dance."

The dancing was spectacular, but the songs were unforgettable.

Although my mother was a Moore, and her father's parents had immigrated from Ireland, I hadn't typically heard or sung the famous melodies and songs of Ireland during my childhood. Although I knew scores of Catholic hymns, I didn't even know how to sing, "Danny Boy."

After I got home to Los Angeles, I began to seek out the beautiful ballads of Ireland, and I discovered the work of Thomas Moore. He was the poet who put words to beloved Irish melodies, and made them world renowned.

Moore For My Mother

I have learned several Thomas Moore songs, and I will be singing them today, Mother's Day 2024, on Facebook Live on my page: Catherine on Stage.

Although my mom passed almost 20 years ago, I still believe I can reach her with song. I learned about Ireland's musical heritage as an adult, and I've learned to accompany myself over 50, but it's never to late to perform beautiful music as a tribute to someone you will always love.

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