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Catherine On Stage

Catherine Gordon pays tribute to Catherine Hayes.

The most celebrated Irish soprano of the 19th century delighted audiences in San Francisco, Sacramento, and even Columbia, California. She was hailed as The Swan of Erin, The Hibernian Prima Donna, and even The Irish Jenny Lind during her worldwide career. Although her name is no longer well known in the United States, Queen Victoria wrote about Catherine Hayes in her diary, her American tour was produced by P.T. Barnum, and Captain John Sutter paid the highest price ever recorded to hear Miss Hayes from the front row when she sang in Sacramento. Why isn't she remembered here today? What were the songs and arias that moved so many critics and countless music lovers to extravagant praise? Was the acclaimed actress Helen Hayes really related to The Swan of Erin? Soprano Catherine Gordon sings seven of the compositions that made Miss Hayes famous, and she shares the history, stories, and first person commentary of the times about a fascinating woman who had the courage to rise from the poor daughter of an Irish maid, to Prima Donna at La Scala, and on to become one of the first woman vocalists to triumph on the concert stage. Catherine Gordon performs Micheal Balfe's, "I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls," Mozart's "Voi Che Sapete," and Thomas Moore's, "The Last Rose of Summer," to name a few of the melodies you will hear during her Historical Concert.

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